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Jacobson Holman

For over half a century, individuals and corporations have counted on us for maximum protection and enforcement of their intellectual property rights. Clients around the world value our expertise in:

Our Areas of Expertise

A premier IP boutique firm in our nation’s capital for half a century


A patent prevents others from making, offering for sale, importing, using, or selling an invention. We provide clients with a full range of patent services.


A trademark, or brand name, is a symbol used to identify the owner or "source" of a particular product. It can be a name, short phrase, logo, graphic design, jingle, package, product configuration, or even a scent. A service mark serves the same function, but is used with services instead of products.


Our attorneys are experienced in every discipline, and all areas of trial and appellate practice before the administrative agencies and state and federal courts that deal with controversies in patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade and unfair competition, and technology.


Trade secret protection and contractual rights are among the most effective ways of securing and protecting intellectual property.


A copyright protects original works of authorship, such as works of art, books, brochures and other text, motion pictures, multimedia and sound recordings, literary and dramatic works, musical compositions, architectural works, computer programs and other creations that are fixed in a tangible form.