A copyright protects original works of authorship, such as works of art, books, brochures and other text, motion pictures, multimedia and sound recordings, literary and dramatic works, musical compositions, architectural works, computer programs and other creations that are fixed in a tangible form.

Copyright Searches and Document Retrieval

A variety of services are available, including script, Web site and clearance of other rights; copyright ownership, title, and character searches; author/claimant portfolio searches; assignment, registration and renewal searches; and U.S. title availability. Copies of registrations, deposit copies, assignments, liens and other recorded documents can be obtained.
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Securing and Transfers of Ownership

A work created by an employee within the scope of his or her employment is a work made for hire, owned by the employer. However, the copyright rights in a work which is specially commissioned or created by an independent contractor are owned by the independent contractor. We can negotiate ownership rights, assist and advise you, and provide the proper forms to assure that you receive the rights and control best suited to your business objectives.
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Licensing and Authorizations

A copyrighted work can be the subject of numerous and varied licenses. We assist clients in negotiating licenses and in obtaining permission to use a copyrighted work, as well as determining what, if any, authorization is necessary.
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Copyright Protection

We prosecute and defend infringement lawsuits, including impoundment and seizure proceedings. A copyright registration may be recorded with U.S. Customs, to bar infringing imports.
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